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We are here to answer any questions and welcome your feedback. We believe in creating a positive impact not only through our products and services but through our actions, with a wealth of experience in our industry.

Who We Are

Koa Capital is a private lending firm and administrative agent based in Australia.

We specialise in offering short-termĀ  loans to businesses, backed by qualified property security. Our core focus is on delivering strong risk-adjusted returns for our principals and stakeholders while providing timely and effective lending solutions for our borrowers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide faster and more versatile finance solutions for business borrowers as well as robust and secure returns for our stakeholders. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer lending solutions that are both timely and tailored to the unique needs of each borrower.

Strong Risk-Adjusted Returns

Qualified & Unique

Each loan is qualified and unique, both in its characteristics and its returns.


Investors have the autonomy to choose their level of participation, assessing each opportunity on its own merits.


Our syndication process utilises a Contributory-mortgage legal structure, enhancing the security of each investment.

Reach out to our team today to explore the compelling opportunities available in private credit.

Investment Highlights

Investment Types

1st Mortgage (Senior Debt) Loans

  • Primary Security: The loan holds the primary claim over a property, superseding all other claims.
  • Returns: Typically range between 10-12% for short-term senior debt.
  • LVR: Loan to Value Ratios generally do not exceed 65%.

2nd Mortgage (Subordinate Debt) Loans

  • Secondary Security: This is a second loan against the equity in a property.
  • Returns: Generally higher than 1st mortgage returns.
  • LVR: Loan to Value Ratios generally do not exceed 70%.

Second mortgage, or subordinate loans, offer Australian homeowners a source of additional funding when needed. These loans sit subordinate to the 1st mortgage and as such are in a different risk category with higher associated cost.


Koa Capital are here to help provide bridging loans, assist with new acquisitions and fund existing and residual stock so you have the breathing room to make the most of your hard work.